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'Do the Dance' set to visit 'striplandia'

Portland is the next shooting location for “Do the Dance,” an in-progress documentary film exploring the limits to exotic expression. “Do the Dance” begins with an exploration of the 1969 strip club indecency trial that helped write the rules for exotic dance in California and beyond. The Sacramento trial became national news after the judge decided the jury needed to see the dancer “do the dance.” The dancer's trial win sparked new rules since upheld by the California courts. The Oregon courts found the performers’ free speech rights could not be curtained. Thus Portland is home to more strip club per ca-pita than any city in America. The team will be in Portland from July 20 to 23. Early stages of this film are being funded through our successful crowdfunding campaign, but the need for the funds to finish the project remains. Footage from this trip will propel us into securing equity investors. While Portland is the headline, we’ve also working to secure our business side. After a great meeting, we have an agreement in principle to work with San Francisco-based entertainment attorney Lindsay Spiller and drafted a producer's agreement. We’ve also setup a print-on-demand store to sell t-shirts and more. Joining us in Portland will be University of Maryland professor Dr. Judith Hanna. We’ll also be talking to our friend Ivizia, Miss Exotic Oregon 2016, and taking the pulse of the town.

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