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Satan's Angel on the role of go-go dancers

A lot has changed in taking it off. Helping keep me on my toes is Burlesque Legend Angel Walker better known as Satan's Angel. Headliners like Walker and Carol Doda were the stars, but GoGo dancers were a key part of the entertainment. They kept the patrons there between acts by featured performers, Walker explains. Some clubs only featured GoGo dancers. Just what kind of dancing was going on at Orangevale's Pink Pussy Kat a Go-Go? That's what a 1969 Sacramento trial set out to find out. That trial is the launching point for documentary film "Do the Dance." In this audio Walker talks Carol Doda, Go-Go dancers and the bar owners' push for more skin.

Here is my earlier interview for more on her amazing backstory.

#burlesque #documentary #stripping #SanFrancisco #CarolDoda

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