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Le chapeau génial (The funky Hat)

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Director:  DQ Hayes 

Screenwriter:  Ed Fletcher

Starring:  Alexandria Williams 

Music by:  Joe Kye


Genre:  Experimental (family) 


A young girl's fashion instincts put her in conflict with her mother and the elements in this warm little story by writer/producer Ed Fletcher. Directed by DQ Hayes, the film was shot in the Sierra Nevada mountains during a lucky pause between winter storms. Alexandria Williams shines in the featured role. Up-and-coming violinist and looper Joe Kye contributed the gripping original score. 


The film sets out tell a simple but universal story with only acting and music. The backdrop is a snow-brimming cabin in the high Sierra Mountains.  The conflict: that funky hat. 


The film was created as part of Sacramento International Film Festival's "Fashion on Film" program, where it received the "best of" award in its category. It was recently selected to be screened during the 2016 Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival.  

Director DQ Hayes prepares for the next shot (right). Shooting in Soda Spring (elevation 6,768) in January meant getting the talent (mostly kids) to the set was almost as challengeing as shooting the film.

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