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Do The Dance

Director:  DQ Hayes 

Producers: Ed Fletcher, DQ Hayes 

Editor: Edo Brizio

Director of Photography: Jessica Gallant  


Genre: feature-length documentary 


“Do the Dance” is a feature-length documentary exploring the historic Northern California strip club indecency trial that made national headlines when Judge Earl Warren Jr. took the jury to the club and ordered the dancer to "do the dance." The project also uses this precedent-setting trial to explore the modern free expression movement, exotic expression and two American cities’ starkly different responses to adult entertainment.


The project is 40 percent shot as filmmakers seek the funds needed to complete the project for a 2019 release.



Do the Dance Poster Final Low Res.JPG
Documentary asks where free expression ends
Project puts burlesque, stripping into #metoo perspective

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Judge Earl Warren Jr. (above) is surrounded by the media as he arrives at Chuck Landis' Largo where he moved the trial to see San Fransico's Carol Doda perform.  

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